‘STOP LOOKING TO THE OUTSIDE FOR YOUR SOLUTION’ cow many times have you thought to yourself that you aren’t reaching your goals because you haven’t “found the answer yet”???

You haven’t discovered the best diet, or the best workout program or the newest, most magical product that will solve all of your health and fitness dilemmas …

Before you continue to search outside for the solution – LOOK WITHIN.

I guarantee you will have a much better chance if you take a good hard look at your current habits and behaviours before you go searching for a magical cure.

I have this conversation with people FAAARRR too often – they are shifting the blame to outside forces instead of taking responsibility for choices they are making which are harming their progress.

9 times out of 10 these people know these choices are “bad”, but they don’t want to accept the reality of it because they don’t want to let go of or adjust that certain habit or behaviour.


They don’t know how to!

They know that they need to change, but they don’t know how to make the necessary changes.

I actually had this conversation with a client the other day and it is a great example of where I am coming from with this…

(For privacy purposes we will just call this client Shazza, and yes I have her permission to use this story).

Shazza reached out to me that she was unhappy with her progress and felt as though she should be losing more weight.  We continued chatting and she told me she believed having some good ideas for dinner recipes could help.

“Shaaazzzzaaa” I sighed.

I then googled “healthy dinner recipes”, 100’s of recipes showed up – magic!  I then dug a little deeper, we continued to chat and eventually Shazza says “well I suppose I know what to do, I just need to do it” – the classic line (you know you have said it to yourself before).

By the end of the conversation she told me that it is probably the amount of chocolate she eats … half a block, most nights of the week.

Shazza trains hard and trains consistently, eats well through the day but when the day has ended and finally has some time to herself she finds it hard to control the urge to eat chocolate. (Don’t worry Shazza, you are definitely not alone here!).

Just to be clear, I don’t think eating some choccy at night is going to completely ruin your progress, but that amount of chocolate is going to have negative consequences, no matter how much or how hard you train.

If you add up the weekly calories from half a block of choccy per night, it is equivalent to nearly 2 whole days of calorie consumption!!! (For Shazza’s recommended weekly calorie intake).

You can see how this is a great example of the point I am trying to make – Shazza was shifting the blame to a lack of dinner recipes instead of taking responsibility for the amount of chocolate she eats.

Once you take that responsibility for your actions it is so obvious to see where you might be going wrong.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be looking to adopt new behaviours and add certain things to your overall plan or process.

You should just look inside first.

Look at your current habits and behaviours and figure out where you can make positive changes.

Stop searching for answers that might not exist – you already know what they are.